Extreme Expeditions 3: Bigfoot vs. the Yeti

by Adam Davies

Extreme Expeditions 3: Bigfoot vs. the Yeti

In this book, World Explorer Adam Davies recounts his adventures on the quest for the mysterious Yeti in Nepal and its North American cousin, Bigfoot.

His adventures take us from an abandoned Alaskan town, where the population fled a savage creature called "The Hairy Man" to the very top of the Himalayan mountains. The adventures are both intense and fascinating as you journey with Adam into the wilderness, which has its dangers and some fascinating characters within it, ready to engage with Adam in his discoveries.

They include some profoundly shocking events, which were to have life-changing impacts on the author...

"I am a field researcher and a world explorer. I am not a scientist. Yet my objectives are very clear. I like to produce evidence that can be independently tested and corroborated by scientists who are experts in their fields. As such, I have been fortunate to work with academics that have been gracious enough to do this analysis for me. In the past, it has led to some interesting results, most notably with hair and print analysis from the Sumatran bipedal primate the Orang-Pendek and of course, the Seljord Serpent in Norway, experiences which I have detailed in my previous books. However, most of the time, nothing turns up. The maxim "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" will always hold true in this field." Adam Davies