Adam Davies travels to the Pacific Northwest of the USA to search for the North American Bigfoot in Washington State.

2 thoughts on “Search for Bigfoot in America

  1. Careyanne said on

    I truly admire your work Adam. My elders are from Florida and have lived here for thousands of years. Skunk ape is as real as you and i. My fmy believes it needs to be respected, and left alone. They have always told me that the different variations all over the world have some senses far greater than we modern humans can understand. Majority of Americans are so naive to the balance of nature and live life far to closed minded. I hope you or another in your field give the people the truth they need. I appreciate your work. Ty

    • Vicki said on

      Adam Davies is an amazing man who will find the truth. He’s one of my heroes. I love his work. Not everyone can go into mountains and stay in the cold and snow and rain and even heat. I’ve told him many times I want to go with him. But that was stupid of me lol. I finally get it. I love the smell of the woods and soil and the sound of the Wind in the trees and sitting around an open fire under the Stars and Full Moon. But hunting SASQUACH? That’s an all together different thing that Adam does. And someone has to do this. I trust him completely with this task and he will most assuredly find the answer we all long to know. I love Adam. If my life depended on one man I’d hope Adam would be the one. Get him Adam. Love and Light )0( Vicki Valenzuela bows to the master explorer.


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