British Explorer Adam Davies is unique. Simply put, there is no one alive today who has done more active (Off Camera) fieldwork to prove the existence of yet-to-be discovered animals in remote and sometimes dangerous parts of the world.

From the dense jungles of the Congo and Sumatra, to the Deserts of Mongolia, and the Mountains of Nepal, Adam has traveled the world in search of scientific evidence for the existence of these creatures. Adam has actually brought back real scientific evidence of the creatures he has tracked, a feat unmatched by anyone ever in this field so far. Examples of the creatures he has gathered evidence of, and which have astonished, include the Orang-Pendek in Sumatra, the Yeren in China, and the Seljord Serpent in Norway. Indeed, he has even worked on a project with one of the world’s leading geneticists, also fascinated by Bigfoot.

Adam, an accomplished Animal Tracker since childhood, combines this with his skills in courtroom cross examination, a job he performed for 7 years representing the British Governments Home Office. Adam would love to hunt for unknown creatures round the clock, but for now he can only devote his spare time and money to this passion, just dreaming of what he could really achieve if he had the opportunity to devote all his energy towards the cryptid universe.

In my first Book: Extreme Expeditions: Travel Adventures Stalking The World’s Mystery Animals I seek to find the answer to questions such as: Does a dinosaur exist in the Congo? Does a Yeti-like creature live in the jungles of Sumatra? Does a fearsome Death Worm inhabit the deserts of Mongolia? In this fascinating account of my adventures, you’ll read how I was shot at in the Congo, arrested and interrogated by the Mongolian Army in the Gobi Desert, filmed Norway’s Nessie as it charged across a lake, and made world news when leading scientists backed his claims that a “jungle Yeti” exists! 

In my second Book: Extreme Expeditions 2: Manbeasts – A Personal Investigation I pick up where my first book left off in 2008, and recount my adventures hunting for the Orang Pendek – an unknown species of upright walking ape – in Sumatra, hunt for the Yeti in Nepal, the “Yeren or Wildman in China, search for the Almasty, another wildman in the mountains of Eastern Russia, the Mande-Burung or Indian Yeti in the Garo Hills of Northern India, and my extraordinary adventures with Bigfoot in the Pacific North West of the united States, which included encounters that would change my life and world view forever.

My third book: Extreme Expeditions 3:: Bigfoot Versus The Yeti I set out my most recent adventures on the quest for the mysterious Yeti in Nepal, and its’ North American cousin, Bigfoot. It take us from an abandoned Alaskan town, where the population literally fled a savage creature called “The Hairy Man” to the very top of the Himalayan mountains. The adventures are both intense and fascinating, as you journey with me into the unknown which not only has its dangers, but also has some fascinating characters within it, ready to engage with me in my discoveries. They include some profoundly shocking events, which were to have life changing impacts.

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