Adam Davies will be interviewed on Binnall of America 10/28 at 4 PM EST.

Binnall of America podcastFor the first time ever and exclusively on BoA:Audio, cryptozoologist Adam Davies will reveal the secret Bigfoot expedition, from May of 2013, that was funded by renowned Oxford University geneticist Dr. Bryan Sykes.

Sworn to secrecy for nearly a year and a half, Adam has finally been granted permission to divulge the details surrounding this clandestine research project and will do so on the BoA:Audio, Season 8 finale.

Bigfoot researcher Lori Simmons, who took part in the expedition with Adam and Dr. Sykes, will also join the conversation to share her take on this groundbreaking and historic event. More on Adam’s various expeditions to search for cryptids around the world can be found in his new book Manbeasts: A Personal Investigation.

One thought on “Adam to Appear on Tim Binnall Podcast

  1. Geordie said on

    Im a big fan of yours. You have a really enviable life! I wanted to know if you have seen Johnsons reveal and if so what do you think of Johnsons veracity. Im calling bs but I would love to hear ur take. Johnson seems like what youer chaps call a ” wanker”. He seems like an arrogant, narcissist but as an ex-jock and deadbeat dad (not gossip).
    I have to tell you Adam I would have kicked that smug dork right in the nuts for the curing cancer quip. I too have lost a parent and an uncle and myself to cancer. Very offensive and I want to offer my condolences to Adam about his Dad.
    Regardless if you have been asked this many ti mes just ig ore my quèry and instead tell you about all the cryptids, afte bigfoot a d dogman there is gnomes, fairys, jersey devil like creatures, creatures that look like hideous chimeras. The reports ae co ing in fast and frious. These creatures are just waiting for the beast to release them per revelation to kill one fifth of humans. Nephillium and all that jazz, look into it Adam. As incredible asit sounds the bible is true and mythology should now be called history. These creatures are IN CITIES!


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