Adam Davies, World Explorer

Take an adventurous look into the amazing travels and explorations of Cryptozoologist Adam Davies. This England born, world traveler has been through China, Sumatra, Congo, Scotland, Nepal, countless other worldwide locations, and has landed right here in the United States. His quest for answers from hardcore ‘boots on the ground’ research for scientific evidence has been paying off. Adam’s journey continues as he heads towards the tree line in many unexplored mountain regions. Get ready for a very candid look into the life of a world-class researcher. Continue reading

Adam Davies, Explorer

Adam will be appearing at the International Bigfoot Conference & Film Festival, August 31 – September 2, 2018, in Kennewick, WA, USA. For further information, please visit the International Bigfoot Conference website. Commercial for local TV… Posted by Russell Acord on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Below you’ll some photos from some of my travels and research expeditions. I’ll be expanding on this section of my website soon.

Orang-Pendek footprint caste

The Orang-Pendek, which means “short person” in Indonesian, lives in the dense mountain jungles of Sumatra. Stories about the Orang-Pendek go back as far as Marco Polo, who wrote about them in his diaries. Even then, these ” little people” were regarded as elusive and shy. The Orang Kubu, the indigenous tribe, have regarded the… Continue reading

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot

Adam shares his thoughts on much of the current “scientific” analysis of the existence of the North American Bigfoot, Himalayan Yeti, and other bipedal hominoids that have been reported of throughout the world. Having been closely involved in many of the research expeditions in question, Adam offers his unique perspective on the conclusions being offered. Continue reading